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Guide to the flora

the regional natural park of Molentargius-saline

£22.00 Guide to the flora
ID Code 978-88-85966-63-5
Author/s Gabriele De Martis
Publisher Coedisar
Edition 2011
Pages 224 (illustrated)
Size 17 x 24 cm
Bookbinding Stitched paperback binding
Series Guide della Sardegna
Genre Environment, ecology, natural sciences
Format Paper
Introduction Gabriele De Martis
Release language English

The work

The various aspects related to wetlands in general, and in particular to the Molentargius are described in this book, providing information about the geology, the history, the salt pans, the fauna, the process leading to the formation of the Park and simply but scientifically, providing details of the flora. A practical part of the guide, through the identification cards of the conservational plands of the Park, allow for their identification through pictures and artwork of plants that are rare, endemic, threatened and those of photogeografic interest present in different habitats. There is an argument over the use of the protected areas, and through detailed grafical representations of the various areas of the Park, it is possible to liocate the most stimulating and interesting trail for the visitor. The guide also treats other topics related to the protection and preservation of biodiversity according to the international, national and regional ordinances of the Park.

Guide to the flora


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