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The Nuraghes and the Pleiades

an extraordinary hypothesis on the layout of a group of Bronze Age monuments in Sardinia

$10.60 The Nuraghes and the Pleiades
ID Code 978-88-7356-399-0
Author/s Augusto Mulas
Marco Sanna
Publisher Condaghes
Edition 1° 2023
Pages 96 (illustrated)
Size 15 x 21 cm
Bookbinding Paperback with flaps and stitched binding
Series Pósidos
Genre History, biographies, heraldry, archaeology and prehistory
Format Paper
Release language English
A replication of Heaven on Earth? This book contains an outstanding hypothesis!

The work

The daily life of ancient societies was very much influenced by the movements of the sun, moon, planets and specific stars and constellations such as the Great Bear, Orion and the Pleiades. This was even more true before calendars and time markers came into use. The significance was such that the observation and prediction of the celestial events became of profound religious importance and also represented a way to condition the political power over human communities all over the world. The Bronze Age Nuraghic Civilisation in Sardinia was no exception. This book explains in detail the prominent role that the Pleiades had in many civilizations and also an enterprising hypothesis made by the archaeologist Augusto Mulas that the “unusual arrangement” of a group of nuraghes around the Santu Antine of Torralba was purposely set up by its ancient constructors to represent the Sacred star cluster. To support this hypothesis, in the second part of the book, engineer Marco Sanna illustrates a probability calculus which demonstrates that the positioning of the group of nuraghes was almost certainly deliberate, with nearly 96% of likelihood.

The Nuraghes and the Pleiades


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