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Grammātica de sa limba sarda

(Grammātica della lingua sarda)

40,00 € Grammātica de sa limba sarda
ID Code 978-88-7356-311-2
Author/s Mario Puddu
Publisher Condaghes
Edition 2° 2018
Pages 672 (illustrated)
Size 17 x 24 cm
Bookbinding Paperback with flaps and stitched binding
Series Aėnas
Genre Linguistics, dictionaries, encyclopaedias
Format Paper
Release language Sardinian
The first unitary Sardinian language grammar

The work

The grammar is divided in the following chapters: spoken language, orthography, phonology, morphology, syntax and history. The concepts are explained through a central dialect of the language (limba de mesanìa) but examples are given in all the different Sardinian idioms. It also contains many literary excerpts.   It an excellent and complete text book to be used as reference or for language studies.

Grammātica de sa limba sarda

40,00 €

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