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Ditzionāriu de sa limba e de sa cultura sarda

(Dizionario della lingua e della cultura sarda)

$104.94 Ditzionāriu de sa limba e de sa cultura sarda
ID Code 978-88-7356-248-1
Author/s Mario Puddu
Illustrator/s Giovanni Sedda
Publisher Condaghes
Edition 2° 2015
Pages 2896 (illustrated)
Size 17 x 24 cm
Bookbinding Stitched hardback binding
Series Aėnas
Genre Linguistics, dictionaries, encyclopaedias
Format Paper
Release language Sardinian
The first and most complete Sardinian language dictionary

The work

The Ditzionàriu is a modern and quite exhaustive glossary of the present-day Sardinian language. Each term is explained with their meanings and variants, synonyms and antonyms are indicated. It contains over 111,000 word definitions, 43.000 phrasing examples and more than 12.000 proverbs, surnames and scientific terms. Over 22.000 words are translated in five major European languages (English, French, German, Italian and Spanish) with the possibility to back trace the Sardinian term from the alphabetical listing of each language.

Ditzionāriu de sa limba e de sa cultura sarda


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