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At the court of the Aga Khan

memories of the Costa Smeralda - interview by Mabi Satta

25,00 € At the court of the Aga Khan
ID Code 978-88-7138-777-2
Author/s Paolo Riccardi
Publisher Carlo Delfino editore & C.
Edition 2014
Pages 224 (illustrated)
Size 15 x 21 cm
Bookbinding Paperback with flaps and stitched binding
Genre History, biographies, heraldry, archaeology and prehistory
Format Not defined
Release language English

The work

The essays gathered in this volume are the revision of a significant part of the paper presented to the ICHRPI 59th Conference, which took place in Alghero on July 2008. They cover a very wide temporal and spatial range: they describe events that refer to different ages, from Medieval to contemporary ones, and different contexts mainly limited to European countries. Neverthless they are ascribable to three themes: 1) sources and methodologies for the study of parliamentary history; 2) political cultures which influenced the evolution of representative assemblies; 3) the centrl role of the representative institutions in the definition of territorial identities and autonomies.

At the court of the Aga Khan

25,00 €

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