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General terms of sale

On this section, you can find the terms of sale applied by SarIBS - Sardinia Internet Book Store.
There are details regarding the purchase procedures, payment methods, safety, stages of the order process, shippings and, in general, all the information needed by the customers.

SarIBS - Sardinia Internet Book Store reserves the right to modify the terms of sale at any time without notice.

  1. Application of general terms of sale
  2. Customer service
  3. How to place an order
  4. Order form
  5. Order cancellation
  6. VAT and currency
  7. Shipping and delivery
  8. Payment options
  9. Guarantee
  10. Right to return
  11. Privacy policy
  12. FAQ. Frequently asked questions

4. Order form

If the person who should receive the goods is not the customer, then his/her name and address have to be inserted in the order form together with type of shipment desired.
A correct compilation of the fields will allow a prompt reply and a faster order shipping.
It is not allowed to deliver the order at P.O. boxes.

Once the form has been filled in, the summary of the complete order will be displayed containing items ordered, partial and total imports and discounts if applicable, VAT rates applied, total weight and shipment costs.

If the details are accurate you can proceed to the payment choosing between the available options.
By e-mail, you will receive the notice of your order and the notices about the stages of the order process.
The customers can track online their own orders in the reserved area (Personal account).

Italian bookshops and Public Authorities may save the order and recover it in a further session. In this case the order shall be in stand by until it is confirmed.
Orders in stand-by will be automatically deleted after 40 days.