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General terms of sale

On this section, you can find the terms of sale applied by SarIBS - Sardinia Internet Book Store.
There are details regarding the purchase procedures, payment methods, safety, stages of the order process, shippings and, in general, all the information needed by the customers.

SarIBS - Sardinia Internet Book Store reserves the right to modify the terms of sale at any time without notice.

  1. Application of general terms of sale
  2. Customer service
  3. How to place an order
  4. Order form
  5. Order cancellation
  6. VAT and currency
  7. Shipping and delivery
  8. Payment options
  9. Guarantee
  10. Right to return
  11. Privacy policy
  12. FAQ. Frequently asked questions

9. Guarantee

All SarIBS - Sardinia Internet Book Store items is covered by a 2-year guarantee for inherent defects, as per the terms of Italian Legislative Decree No. 24, issued on February 2, 2002.
Defects due to accidents, improper use or unauthorised repairs or alterations are not covered by the guarantee.
The 2-year warranty applies to consumers only.
For retailers or any other party that purchases items for re-sale to third parties, the guarantee lasts for 12 months.

SarIBS - Sardinia Internet Book Store shall replace without extra costs any delivered product that may result damaged or faulty as long as it is sent back in its original packaging and complete of all its parts.
If it were not possible to replace the same item (e.g. it is not available any more) SarIBS - Sardinia Internet Book Store shall refund the costs and declines any other responsibility it may be charged of, none excluded.